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    Duckbum wrote:
    Evening all

    I'm back on Pro Ev after a few years off, got a couple of questions...

    1. Online games have so far been really laggy for me. I'm living in Asia just now so is this likely to be the reason or is or just laggy / jerky in general? Last one I played online was 2009 which was sometimes perfect sometimes unplayable.

    2. I'm going to try and get an option file when they come available to get kits, licenses etc. Could anyone give me a step-by-step guide of how to install it all on PS3? I remember trying for ages with PES 2009 and nothing working.
    You're lucky, most people can't download the data pack, so no online play, until it's fixed. PES has always been poor online, every game so far has had lagging issues, it will probably get better but it will never be good or up to FIFA's quality online wise.

    Secondly, not sure how to install to PS3, I use Xbox and apparently it's harder so you should be fine, just go on PES forums or there might be videos for it on YouTube.

    Also, welcome to EG ;).
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