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    I'll just put it this way.

    You'd be completely insane if you thought this game is a PES 2013.ish, because it isn't, it's the complete opposite of that, the overhaul that we've all been waiting for. (at least as a fan of simulation)

    And yet worse, if you think about giving your money to EA Sports instead of Konami if you're a PC Gamer and not planning going next-gen at launch, this is a less dangerous form of insanity but still...

    The sensations i had while playing this game were simply orgasmic, it's beautiful piece of art, what i would otherwise call a window to the possibilities that next-gen opens to us, it's quite mind-boggling to look at a such advanced tech in current hardware, the game is a no-buyer on PS3/360 unless you have a good friends list that you're dedicated to, the PC is the way to go.

    Again, kudos to Konami for taking advantage of this strategy, and making PC an important install-base for them.

    I'll reply back with some impressions later, there's a huge whack load of stuff and content to talk about.

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