#9926520, By Lyserberg Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

  • Lyserberg 22 Oct 2013 21:42:24 349 posts
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    Is there any special e-mail or official forums to contact KONAMI ? My GFX has totally the horsepower to drive that game at constant 60FPS (which i loved about the fact that i'm ACTUALLY playing on PC, in that matter FIFA is better) but that weird unjustified cap of 30 that jerk off my eyes when players hear the Champions League Hymn, it's annoying, it kills my eyes (it seems that it's applying some sort of aggressive Triple-Buffering setup that makes juddering so much of an issue).

    Gameplay is tight, replays and pre-match sequences are not, i hope they'll fix it in an upcoming patch, while i'm waiting i'll probably mess with the NVIDIA Drivers and see what happen... :rolleyes:
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