#9666668, By cookie-monster MS to back track on DRM and always online?

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    darkmorgado wrote:
    I rather liked the idea of having a group of 10 people that could all access each others' library without discs in the drive.
    This half-baked idea was tacked on to the system following the Adam Orth fallout.

    The fact that it wasn't fully explained, wasn't going to be present on day one and sounded exactly like a free lunch tells us that it was just an unconvincing attempt at a bait-and-switch. Remember that publisher pressure got Sony to change their 5 system activation limit down to just 2. I doubt if third party publishers were even consulted on this vapourware feature.

    Anyone who took it at face value, assuming no enormous catch was in the works is a chump. Very convenient for them to defend its possibilities and for Microsoft that it will never now see the light of day.
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