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    Armoured_Bear wrote:
    When has he been pissy about it anyway?

    His mate Henman and others were winding him up, he slagged them back, a tabloid very selectively reported it and all the spastics in the island got involved, end of story.

    It's all shite, he's Scottish, British, an incredible athlete who has worked his arse off and despite not smiling enough for some he's apparently a really nice guy.
    You'd think achieving what he has after a childhood which involved sheltering in a classroom as his youth group teacher massacred 16 of his fellow pupils would mean that arseholes would give him a break but no, he's a cunt because he looks serious and when his mates slagged off Scotland for being shit at football he dared to slag England back.
    Holy fuck I didn't know he was involved in the Dunblane massacre, I must be living under a rock.
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