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  • Deleted user 3 July 2013 12:06:58
    I have a mamiya RB 6X7 (quite big and bulky), and love it, its what i shoot most of my photos on. Its really easy to use. Its really showing its age though, i accidently broke the viewfinder light box on my last shoot and its needs a good service and some new screws and that.

    I too been looking at a more handheld camera as a replacement. I been looking at a mamiya 7II, or a makina 67. But i struggle with handheld slrs as it is, in terms of composing images. so not sure whether to get a newer bulkier tripod one or try my hand at something different, and more discreet in taking photos.

    One thing though, how are you planning to print images? do you access to a darkroom? Where i live, only falmouth uni as a public darkroom, but its really expensive to use :( would love to have my own. I scan my images in, and going to send a couple over to the printspace and see what digital prints of film is like.

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