#9719312, By Tuffty Ryan Davis Has Died :(

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    El_MUERkO wrote:
    I only came in thus thread new because I was curious why it'd have so many replies, I've never heard of the guy and only know Giant Bomb because of the Jane & Lynch business. Considering how much time I spend on gaming I think it's entirely possible EG didn't see it as major news. Especially if he was a bit of a dick.
    Hmm thing is, he wasn't a bit of a dick. Pass judgement all you want, but it falls on deaf ears coming from someone who's never heard of him until now and doesn't seem particularly bothered to learn more about him. The number of tributes from gaming press, developers and the gaming community, would suggest that he was looked upon fondly by a large number of people. The GB crew even said that if he was poking fun or pushing people's buttons, it was always in jest and if you approached him later and told him he maybe went too far, then he would be gracious and apologise straight away.

    I'm sorry if you've never heard of him before, but if you even took 5-10 mins of your time reading this thread, or anywhere else for that matter you would see this is huge news for a lot of people who have followed Giant Bomb and heard from him in a weekly, if not daily, basis for 5 years. There are plenty of videos of podcast excerpts and quick looks for you to maybe take a look at and maybe see why he was appreciated. If you still don't like it then that's ok, but at the least, you could still pay your respects that a man who had many friends and fans, has suddenly passed away. And that's without taking into account that he was 34 and literally days into his marriage.
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