#9844123, By Hiya Worth buying a PS3 right now?

  • Hiya 14 Sep 2013 21:56:35 3 posts
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    I've also just joined the PS3 club by ordering that bundle on Game with GTAV, TLOU and BB Season 1 DVD for 190. I read on another forum too about peopole's orders being cancelled, but so far mine is still there with status "Unshipped". I've also bought credit on my PSN wallet so I can buy 30 months worth of PS+ for 80 :). They are offering 90 days free if you buy 12 months and it stacks, so I should get 90 x 2.

    I was very disappointed with the 360 this gen. I have a slim 360 which has barely been used. The only exclusive I enjoyed was Gears of War 1 which I played loads of (I hated the 2nd one). I didn't get the hype for Halo, the 3rd one was alright, but I enjoyed the Battlefield series more.

    When I get the PS3 I want to get the Uncharted series, God of War series, a Metal Gear Solid bundle, ICO + Shadow of the Colossus. That lot should keep me busy until the PS4 slim comes out :)
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