#609346, By RedWarrior Is Morrowind xbox good?

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    binky wrote:
    My RPG playing mate wants to know if Morrowind is worth getting on the xbox?

    It's slightly buggy (though I've never been badly affected), and performed on a par for the most part with the aging PC I ran it on originally. Other people's opinions of that may vary, but other than a slight disappointment with the draw distance it did very nicely indeed. Literally months of enjoyment.

    Also, whats the differce between the CLASSIC range version and the GOTY version on amazon?

    The GOTY version incorporates "Tribunal" and "Bloodmoon," the expansion packs for the PC version, along with a few (but not all) bug fixes, a health bar for enemies, and some other things I forget. I actually traded in the classic for the GOTY version and thoroughly enjoyed the change in pace and graphic style of the expansion content, particularly in Bloodmoon.

    Edit: Mike, I didn't see any difference in the journal, which was annoying - the PC expansions allowed you to view by quest names rather than alphabetically by subject! Of course, being a numpty, I probably just missed it.

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