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    INSOMANiAC wrote:
    Second question, why am I on such shitty speed in this day and age? Downloading at 847kbs and cant stream YouTube at the same time.... its a farce I tell ye!
    It's not 847kbs - it's 847KB/s. That's approaching 7Mb/s. 8Mb/s is as fast as plain ADSL goes.

    ADSL2+ can do 'up to' 24Mb/s, and that's what most if not all ISPs and exchanges support these days.

    You have to be 300m from the telephone exchange at the most, to get 24meg. That would be 3 megabytes per second on your downloads, and Steam would try to max it out, so you'd still have streaming issues trying to YouTube at the same time.

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