#9850816, By FogHeart Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs - released on September 10th 2013

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    Can someone clear up something? Maybe I missed a memo...how exactly did his children die? I see ghosts/hallucinations pulling their hearts out but haven't read or heard anything where that happens. Were the hearts used in the machine? I only destroyed one and I don't know if it had any special significance or if it was just a cool thing to put in. Also, why sit in a seat and have myself torn to pieces in order to destroy a machine? Is it important to the plot or just a cool way to finish?

    I'm also not sure about this from the review: "A Machine for Pigs has three moments I think might be worth the entry price alone. Savour them! Later. When you've calmed down." I can't name them. Compared to Penumbra or TDD there aren't really any jump-scares and the plot twist is the kind of thing we get regularly in horror (Chapter titles of Dead Space?)

    My favourite moment may strike you as odd - it's when I saw the true extent of the machine from the elevator. I recall the same experience in Portal 2, there's something about seeing an abandoned underground structure so big that its extremities are further than the eye can see that fills me with a kind of awe/horror and makes me shiver.
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