#9796256, By Stranded87 Most overrated games of this gen

  • Stranded87 23 Aug 2013 09:29:46 1,777 posts
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    1. Oblivion- Utterly broken and even if it did work it's about as RPG by numbers as you can get.

    2. Red Dead Redemption- Nice to look at and potentially had an interesting story but the endless barrage of pointless missions diluted it and removed all sense of believability. See also GTA 4.

    3. Xenoblade Chronicles- Like an mmo with no other players.

    4. Limbo- Pretty but dull. Pretty dull.

    5. Saints Row anything- Yes it's funny sometimes, but thank god because it's janky as all hell.

    Dishonourable mentions: Gears of War 3, To the Moon, GTA 4, Halo anything, Uncharted 3.
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