#10504045, By Psiloc PS1 Games still great to play today

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    richarddavies wrote:
    Psiloc wrote:
    Time Crisis 1. It's the perfect light gun game, coming out just after 3D had matured but before the genre devolved into "you've got a huge machine gun and infinite ammo, you don't really need to worry about aiming".

    More of an arcade game of course but the PS1 version is almost perfect, especially if you can play the NTSC version.
    top game! i've still got it with a gun and pedal but i think the old lightgun games only work with older telly's and all the ones i have in the house are new flatscreens. i've got house of the dead 2 on the dreamcast and love that but can't play it either.
    I've got a CRT for retro gaming but yeah, it's a shame old light gun games basically have/had a death sentence. I don't understand why Namco don't port some of their old G-Con games to the Wii/Wii U/Move; all probably less accurate than the old light guns sure, but certainly better than nothing.
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