#9888370, By Official F1 2013 (Codemasters) Thread

  • Deleted user 4 October 2013 20:11:54
    Ok just done 55 laps around albert park in a mclaren and 35 laps around Monza in a Williams.

    My thoughts, on PC all settings to max

    At first it feels like a let down as its so similar to 2012 but the more you play the more you will grin.

    The cars are more energetic and a handful to drive. Curb impact and throttle delivery have serious consequences on handling resulting in oversteer and a twitchy back end.

    Your car now experiences a greater series of problems over 1 lap understeering through some corners and oversteering in others. It now actually feels like your car is on the track. Trye wear is more noticeable on handling and breaking/lock ups now also affects tyre wear. Going off line onto marbles/dirt track also affects grip more esp later in the race

    It feels faster and more agressive, and the visuals have been fine tuned, e.g. leaves flying up from under the cars in front, debris on track, better reflections and night day transition and lighting.

    Not done a wet race yet.

    Will do a few more races before I will comment on AI and pit stops and tyre changes.

    So far so good its more evolution than revolution but its still the best F1 race sim ever in my opinion.
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