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    I did manage Top Fun twice, with same group of 3 other randoms. Crashed the Jet about 10 seconds after take off. But to be fair I've never managed a jet in single player yet. Came close once, full armored car, full body armor, made it right next to the jet. Then Trevor tripped over an ankle high curb getting out the car (flailing about like a fucking emo marionette getting its cords cut) and that was that well-funded attempt fucked.

    I literally had $1 dollar left to my name at the point. Fuck me it's impossible to make any money in single player out-with the missions. Rob a store for $118, gee thanks. Worth evading cops for 2 minutes for that. Invest 70K for a $900 weekly return. Whoop dee fucking doo. The hospital fees are harsh, and cops react to soon and for too long.

    They've reached all new levels of realism in this version, because crime just doesn't pay! I usually spend my time walking about making polite conversation with passers-by. Occasionally tip a fellow that is down on his luck (well you've got to these days haven't you). I can't remember the last time I chased a jogger under the pier, shot them in the ankles and finished them off with a knife.

    /stealth single player rant in online thread.

    Anyway back to online, also had a 1 vs 1 bicycle race which was shit. But generally most missions result in Kick/Dashboard/Reload combination.
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