#9875241, By Yay Tories are Bringing back Slavery

  • Deleted user 29 September 2013 22:51:40
    Biscuitician wrote:
    mowgli wrote:
    Biscuitician wrote:
    mowgli wrote:The point being made - whether or not you agree with it - is that some people are completely happy on 70 per week. They are content with that and don't see the need to move beyond that. So saying that if it is so easy then why don't you do it doesn't apply here. The point is whether we should be providing a net that is comfortable enough for a small percentage of people to decide that they are happy enough living off it. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about that.
    Who are these people? The ones your sad mates refernce in pubs? The imaginary people dreamed up by right wing tossers on internet forums?
    You seriously denying that these people exist even if it is an extreme minority? I can only assume that you never leave the house. Esa?
    What about ESA?
    The European space agency has nothing to do with it.
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