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  • Deleted user 3 October 2013 11:50:03
    TheSaint wrote:
    Something tells me this one was written one handed:
    A nude woman lies back on a bed as a man undresses on top of her (his bare buttocks are visible from the side and we see her bare breasts); he kisses her breast and inner thigh and then wraps her legs around his shoulders as she moans pleasurably (oral sex is implied); the woman kisses the man's bare chest and abdomen and moves between his legs (oral sex is implied); they kiss passionately as the man thrusts violently on top of the woman (they moan and climax); the woman then ties his hands to the headboard of the bed, thrusting on top of him (they moan and climax again; we see her bare breasts and buttocks); we later see the man getting out of bed (his bare buttocks are visible a few times). VERY EXPLICIT. It is a long scene.
    Keep going.
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