#9889109, By kdsh7 A critique of the ending of The Last of Us

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    Thanks @TheLastProphet, for what it's worth I read all 6,204 words and agree with the majority with what you say - mainly your interpretation of the incidents and the characters' motivations leading up to the end.

    But where I disagree is where you say that the ending appears to be tacked solely to provoke reaction. The fact that you, and we as players can track these incidents and infer their reasons for doing so says to me that this is probably the most believable ending, despite not being one that necessarily feels satisfying to the player. I'll admit, after the ending I felt very uncomfortable for several days afterwards, but I appreciated that Naughty Dog didn't feel the need to shoehorn a happy ending in to make the majority of gamers feel good about themselves. Now how many games/books/movies can you say that about? Especially when it comes to games.

    You played Bioshock Infinite?
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