#9898545, By Kay Why are blokes so crap at using toilets?

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    danathjo wrote:
    Worst i've ever experienced was while I was busing around India, had a 30 minute pit stop in some small town and ran into the mens toilets.....holy shit the hit to the face of pure ammonia was so powerful from the completely bleached piss walls I almost passed out. You could almost see a hazy cloud hovering round the ceiling from the vile odour.

    To add to that the sight of the sit down toilets are actually stained into my memory, *shit stacked high above the seat somehow (it was a proper western toilet but you'd have to hover over to actually take a shit!)....then the worst bit, just the quick glance of the dozens/hundreds? of little wriggly things having a field day at the shit party *horp*

    Yeah, I kept it in for a bit longer.

    *spoilered for anyone eating
    Ah yes, I too have seen similar things in India. Remember walking in to piss in a pit-stop squat toilet that had shit rising up all out of it. Erm, no thanks. I also remember the guy after me being clearly so desperate for a shit that he went in anyway.

    I'm very OCD about hygiene and honestly think I actually have a phobia of dirty toilets. I've had nightmares about being stuck in an enclosed cramped dirty cubicle. Luckily the staff toilets at work are always spotless, due to being regularly cleaned - fortunately it doesn't seem like I work with any dirty bastards. The student toilets are, however, often left in quite a state, as you can imagine.
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