#9902706, By Lyserberg The switch to Google services

  • Lyserberg 11 Oct 2013 16:05:19 349 posts
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    Hi !

    I'm curious to know what do you guys think about the partial switch to Google services most recently.

    To be honest i'm not the most dedicated EG.net reader ever for obvious reasons (the fact that i'm french and so is the news i'm usually looking at) but i noticed some recent changes, a bit unusual but definitly benefecial to the overall quality of the content despite of some exceptions to say the least.

    So on one aspect there was the switch to YouTube for to upload EGTV and DF content, now i'm not that great of a buisness guy, but wouldn't it be better if they kept the stuff locally and gained direct ad revenues from ? For the sheer content quality (when talking about bitrates) i understand that YT has usually better offering in this regard but... yeah, may the members, mods or yet one of EG Staff members clarify this decision for me.

    And on the other side and very recently i believe, Searching for content now relies on Google search...it's more ergonomic, less painful to spot what you're looking for, but in my opinion it lacks the accuracy and the effenciency that the old method used to deliver, it may be just be and i gotta learn how to better use it but for the moment it's not that great.

    So, what's your whole general opinion about all of this ?
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