#9903726, By Lyserberg The switch to Google services

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    Almost every post is OT, incredible.

    1- I did not criticize Google as a whole.

    2- I'm """"""""""""""ONLY"""""""""""""""" targeting the custom search that Eurogamer utilises.

    3- Read the whole thing before you reply.

    I'm not saying it's bad, but it lacks some of the precision the old one had, before i used to click one and here i am, where i should be.

    Now i have to go through more clicks to get where i want, i didn't say it's inaccurat, i said it lacked accuracy.

    (Side note : It's completely insane how some people just try to reply as a... yeah i'm gonna get banned for that, so i better not say it.)

    And this topic was supposed to be a place where you post your opinions, but it turned out that some trolls didn't want so...

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