#9903815, By Lyserberg The switch to Google services

  • Lyserberg 12 Oct 2013 11:52:41 349 posts
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    For general stuff, it works, the type of search i'm doing is more specific, and for that matter, it didn't help that much.

    After all, it's a personal opinion, based on a my personal observation, was a bit surprised when i got flamed & bashed so hard for it, i'm not generalising or anything like that.

    And BTW, when i'm on the forums, it's marked "Search Forum", but yet it searchs all, if it could go straight to that tab it would've been nice.

    Also, do someone know why the switch to YT ? Lot of sites refuse to do it to gain access to direct ad revenues, why going full YT then ? I'm a bit curious to know. :|

    (For those who are determined to burn my face again, take the time to actually READ the whole thing.)
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