#9913527, By Lyserberg The switch to Google services

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    @craigy Thanks for the reply, much appreciated, it's nothing but logic indeed, the reality of it is that i appreciated the switch to the YT Player, it sure made things easier for your users and the bandwith requirements that this will necessitate over time, after using the Google search more... it seems fine, it'll probably help the average user more than what the old engine would've done, but i still things could be done even better on the search aspect of the website.

    Anyway, once again, thanks and have a great day.

    For the UK Gamer, yes, it's mostly humour around here, there's rarely serious replies when you bring up honest personal opinions, or it'll just be a stupid little detail that people will rant about for like 10 to 20 posts...

    I sometimes wish that rules would be more severe, but i guess... i'll just have to deal with it. :/

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