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  • Lyserberg 12 Oct 2013 12:14:48 349 posts
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    I don't use AdBlock, but i would love to see ads more in-line of what me and other gamers are actually and genuinely intrested in.

    One of the best websites at this IMHO is The Verge, it's the kind of layout that you'll never want to activate AdBlock for just because it contributes somewhat to the look of the page, rather than completely ruining the experience for the reader.

    Some ads are cool, others are so distracting and quite irrelevant to most of the users.

    Rather than throwing constantly boobs at us, show us stuff that we actually want to click on, and check out, shouldn't be that difficult to set up an algorithm to determin where the gamers' interests are, and look for some devs willing to sell ads, shouldn't be extremely hard. (Unless it really is, in which case you are welcome to clarify to me why that is.)

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