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    I went for the Life ending and picked Jay. Not sure why, I think mostly because despite making things up a bit at the end I still didn't much like Ryan, but I thought she should end up with someone.

    Ending was alright, though for a game that's meant to be so full of choices being able to pick from all the main ending variations in the very last scene is a bit disappointing.

    I've also since watched the other endings and they're all pretty similar really, other than the death/Beyond one.

    I didn't like the cliff hanger. It felt unnecessary. I did like Jodie's relationship with Aiden. I also liked the Homeless sequence and to a lesser extent the Navajo sequence, both of which almost seemed like isolated stories in their own right and had some touching moments which most of the big action scenes lacked, though saying that the bit where you kill the kids dad near the end was pretty affecting too I thought.

    The main storyline was bobbins, but at least it didn't fall apart at the end like Cage's last two games.

    Oh and General MacArthur's (if that's his name?) speech near the end of the game was one of the most laughably terrible things I've ever heard.

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