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    Excuse me whilst I rant...

    So a few hours ago, I get an email to say that my CE order won't be fulfilled. I then spend a few minutes in vain looking for an online retailer that might have some still in stock, and then a few hours trying to convince myself that I didn't really want the CE anyway. The latter part one, so I resigned myself to a midnight purchase from one of the supermarkets listed on Blizzard's site. In fact, there are a number there. So off I trot... only to discover that none of them have any copies of the game in stock and were awaiting delivery. Bag of cocks.

    Then I get home, and for some reason I decide to log onto Battle.net as the rabid part of me starts to consider a digital purchase. But here's the thing - I attached an authenticator to my account, which was the iPhone app. Trouble is, I'd reset the phone since then so the app was no longer synced to my account and I can't log into Battle.net anymore. Instead, I have to take a picture of my driving licence and send a support request to Blizzard to ask them to remove the authenticator. And considering how busy those chaps are, it may take a whole to process. Big bag of cocks.

    Even if by some shine of redemption by the almighty means that the Game around the corner from my house manages to have a copy when I turn up first thing in the morning, and dare I suggest a CE too, I won't be able to play because I'll be waiting for Blizzard to sort out my account. That big bag of cocks is now made from the skin of actual cocks.

    Rant over. Enjoy your evening, chaps!
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