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    If peeps with a sense of homour are not looking for funny posts please do it... example from battle.net forum on Error 75 posts:

    "Been 16 hours since constantly trying to login.
    i say once : this is not the login issue
    i say it twice : i'm stuck on retreaving character list
    It's funy cause i got to lvl 10 on eu serever last night. Then i got booted and never been able to relog. I bet a good old fashioned russian style hard reset would fix my issue. But what the hack, i payed the extra 15 euros so my friend can have the laugh of he's life since tomorrow he will receive the boxed edition.
    So i made a new char on the american servers. Got to level 13. But now the american servers are down as well xD
    I'm thinking to go to the asian servers since those seem to hold out nice and steady since yesterday ( funny no ? ). But i can feel i get to lvl 13 again and will move again xD. There is an annoyance level one can take before /flip table
    I can't beleave wow has millions of players. A game made by blizz. It has a login queue. It does not have login issues. And we have a diablo 3, which is a nice offline game, BUT we do have a login issue ? Have to admit the epic facepalm title does go to this game.
    In the end i'm not nervous, i would have been probably kicked out of work if the srvers would have been working. Now i can go to sleep in time and wake up in time. Cause there is no epic game around that could steal my time.
    So again. Give a hard reset to the servers so all the people stuck online can get on again. I promiss i will not swap items, will not care that my achievements reset every 5 minutes...just don't make me start for the 4th time a new char xD"

    I feel for this guy but... seriously!?! Surely you have 10+ unfinished games you could have played for a day rather than spend... 16 waking hours of your life(!) trying to play 1 12hrs per diffuclty level game?!?

    He's right though.. by the sound of it...

    epic facepalm title = Diablo 3 xD
    /flip table

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