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    On the difficulty:
    Some bosses took a few attempts even on Normal for me as solo-DH (mostly the very last one), but the skills you need for them are essential later on (stutter-step micro :)).
    Playing in a group makes bosses so much easier (because they don't solely focus on you and you get some decent DPS-time in).

    Now in Hell with Champions and Elites with 3 abilities, things are getting rather interesting (but I'd probably hate to solo in Hell). Only played up to the Skeleton King, and he was mostly an HP sink (duo'd with a Monk) and not really difficult.

    The most memorably moments so far were the ones where the game engineers situations where you get in over your head (e.g. timed dungeon run which turns into a mad dash to find the exit in a 4-player Nightmare game past tons of Champions packs, or the Treasure Goblins).

    Excellent fun!

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