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    Whilst I understand (and to some extent agree with) the furore surrounding the DRM and the higher than average SRP, neither was a show stopper for me. In fact like many, I just used it in the business case for renewing my WoW sub... :)

    Enjoying it very much thus far. The depth absent in the story (fine for me) is present instead in the wealth of skill/rune customisation, far deeper than many give it credit for. As for how it feels to play "Just right" - that hard to define sense of satisfaction present in Street Fighter 2 and the early Tony Hawks games. It does pretty much boil down to click-click-loot, but in a satisfying, comforting manner like popping bubble wrap.

    I am probably over abusing the AH (an addictive meta game in itself) and am consequently clad mostly in shiny (class relevant) yellows. I was hoping to avoid getting too nerdy about stats/builds etc, but old habits die hard. On that very topic, does anyone have any sites they'd recommend for a nice high level summary of suggested builds / considerations for gear etc?
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