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    I feel blizzard is really trying to push the player to the (paid) auction house. The amount of useful drops is really, really low.

    With my wizard, now lvl 53 and on act I in hell, i never found any awesome stuff. Never bought anything from the auction either. Ran around in blues and some rares that made little sense, but at least had some int and decent armor.

    With my demon hunter i did a little experiment. Bought all my gear from the auction house and made sure my magic find was above 80% (just a number i made up, it's not like 80% is that magic ultra secret percentage.) While the number of items i found went through the roof. Almost none of them were useful. She is now lvl 49 and so far i found two items that were slightly better that what you can buy for cheap on the auction house (i never bought anything above 10k-ish, unless it was a really good bow).

    I know all the items have random stats. But maybe once every hundred rare items the game would let you roll on a table that contains stuff that makes sense. Most of the items seem to be made by the same drunk weaponsmith.

    And don't even get me started on the feeling when i saw my first legendary drop and it was made by the same drunkard =(

    Now i'm still really enjoying the game. But the 'Oh! Look! Loot!' part that was really a core thing in the first two games is gone. In this game money is king it seems.
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