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    megurushi wrote:
    Check out this article that tries to explain why Diablo 2 is more addictive than 3: http://www.alexc.me/a-scientific-explanation-why-diablo-3-is-less-addictive-than-diablo-2/417/

    To sum up, the amount of crap loot is directly proportional to enjoyment, who da thunk it. The question still remains, has the addition of the auction house shaped the loot tables and made the actual game less rewarding? This article thinks it does...
    I think the author of that post makes a better point in a later post, linked in that one. The real problem is how incremental upgrades are in Diablo 3. In the time that I played so far (not a lot, tbh, 7 hours or so), I've never felt that I found a cool item. I've never found something a lot better than what I had. I constantly upgraded my gear, but very slowly, replacing the old stuff with slightly better stuff. It doesn't feel very rewarding.

    Changing your bow with a slightly better one every 30 minutes is not that rewarding. It's much more important to know that, from time to time, you will find something that truly owns and that will be good for some time. Of course, the small trickle matters too, but the big moments are essential and so far I haven't had a single one.

    The Auction House is not the real problem, I think the real problem is the fact that they've designed the game to last a long, long time, so they had to stretch the goodness too much. I should be able to have fun in the first hours of playing too, goddamit!
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