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  • jakuande 8 Jun 2012 18:22:13 192 posts
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    I'm getting back into this after a week or two away. It's still fun blasting away at stuff with my Demon Huntress and most of the login and lag issues have disappeared. I just killed Diablo in Nightmare who was suprisingly easy compared to Raknaroth who killed me approximately one gajillion times with his teleport jab before I finally fluked my way past him. That guy is a serious difficulty spike for ranged classes.

    Am thinking I should really try the co-op as it sounds like a massive part of the game. Like a few other posters here I usually go afk every 10-20 minutes or so to chat to the wife, cook dinner or whatever and figured people wouldn't appreciate it. Having said that WoW dungeon runs are my measuring stick here and it seems from what people say that D3 is nothing like that so I might have a go with some randoms to try it out.
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