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    Patch 1.03 put a big dent in my progress. And it is not the attack speed adjustment..

    I have three chars in inferno, wizard, demon hunter and monk. They all cleared act I. Act II is, even after the patch, a bit to panicky for my taste. No problem. I expected to be farming act I for a long time anyway.

    But the repair cost are killing me. 1 death on my monk costs 2k+. Yesterday i did a run were i didn't die, still 19k in repairs since she gets bashed around a lot. Didn't find any really good items, everything went to the vendor, making a total of 38k. Still made some nice money. But this was a run without dying, i was lucky with the elite packs. With some bad luck (and/or sloppy playing) i could have lost money. Even shooting my bow on my dh is costing me money =)

    Trying to figure out how to make some safe money. Hell is boring with the gear i have now. And the change of a good item dropping there is really, really low. Maybe do longer runs were i kill more normal mobs just for the cash.

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