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    Been using this wizard build for inferno, now in Act III.

    left mouse - Shock Pulse with piercing orb
    right mouse - Blizzard with stark winter

    Diamond skin with Crystal Shell or Teleport with Fracture
    Venom Hydra
    Energy Armor with Force Armor or Prismatic Armor (depending on my resists)
    Improved Archon

    Glass Cannon
    Critical Mass
    Galvanizing Ward

    Always have boots with 12% speed and about 700 life per second (without the Galvanizing Ward buff, so 1k in total). And a bit of focus on getting the resists up to a decent lvl (300-400 for act I.). Also I need attack speed of 1.50 or higher. Otherwise the animation for casting Blizzard gets so slow some faster mobs are just able to hit me.

    I'm not the most gifted player when it comes to quick reflexes. So this build kills stuff without me dying too much. Idea is pretty forward. Cast a HUGE blizzard at the edge of the screen, pop a hydra between you and the blizzard. Monsters start to stumble towards you. Shoot some Shock Pulses, cast another blizzard, walk back a bit. Repeat. In the beginning i had problems with not having enough arcane power. But once i stopped panicking i was fine. But you can get more arcane regen with skills ofcourse. Or use the smaller blizzard which costs less.

    You can do this all day long, even without great gear. Once you get better gear and more resist you can pop Archon and tank most mobs, even some Elite packs.

    Act I became pretty easy after i got 27k dps (with glass cannon buff), 22k hp and 400 resists all. My normal farming route is the following:

    Choose 'Imprisoned Angel - Cursed Hold' quest.

    Festering Woods - 3 or 4 Nef Buffs
    Leoric's Mansion - 1 or 2 Nef Buffs
    Cemetery of the Forsaken - Many elite packs and change on some events
    Enter halls of Agony to get to the Cursed Hold. - 2 packs and the Warden.

    If your gear allows it continue to the Butcher and kill him.
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