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    New to this, so quick newbie question.
    Playing as a wizard. Do I actually get any benefit from having a weapon equipped on my right hand? As far as I can see it isn't used as I'm pure magic caster.
    No. You should have an Orb in your offhand.

    Wizard feels a bit weedy to start off with, but he's worth persevering with. Go for gear with plenty of +Intelligence and Mana Regen. Strength is useless for you really, but you might want to think of some +Movement Speed

    Basically you want to be making sure that you have a massive mana pool, that regenerates fast, and that you're quick enough to move out of harm's way in a pinch. Keep your distance because if you get surrounded, you're toast.

    You might want to look at slowing attacks to start with, until you feel a bit more confident.
    Well, you can have 2 daggers - anything you hold is basically just a stat stick. Orbs as a wizard only weapon will tend to have stats more tailored to your class but shouldn't be used to the exclusion of all else.

    for later difficulties you'll want to stack vit and resists as well as int.
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