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    I don't think it's quite true that Dh is the most powerful class in the game - not without totally insane gear anyway (Jailer+artillery is horrendous to fight) - more often wizard and Barb will yeild results more easily in my experience. DH is the most entertaining though.

    A lot the Demon Hunters power comes through their ability to control the enemy or evade them. As such once you have the abilities and Runes i found that the most reliable set-up was;

    Primary: Evasive Fire with Displace or Surge - maintains range at small Disc cost

    Secondary: Hungering Arrow (devouring rune) or Elemental Arrow (Frost Rune) - Nether Arrow got nerfed and I find it too slow for solo play

    1: Caltrops (Tortuous Ground)
    2: Shadow Power (Blood Mmoon)
    3: Rain of Vengeance (Stampede rune) - a good peel spell
    4: Preparation (Battle Scars) - A nice heal and restores discipline

    Passive 1: Tactical Advantage - for a 30% move speed boost on backflip (synergy with evasive fire)
    Passive 2: Sharpshooter -for crit. I will run steady aim or cull the weak if using elementla arrow with frost rune.

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