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    Well, in fairness this "moaning" was prevalent from many of us PC players last year. The first two difficulty levels are almost insultingly easy, and it's a big ask from a game to let the player be bored for the first 20 hours before it really gets worthwhile.

    I struggled a lot with it. Eventually it was worth persevering with, but the game does itself absolutely no favours for the first 20 hours in my opinion. 80hrs in now (over the course of a year) and it's joyous, but it certainly wasn't before.

    If all I'd been told was to "get rid and stop moaning" I'd have lost out on some quality gaming.

    So instead I'll say this to Choppi: "get used to the idea of another 8 hours of boredom before the proper game reveals itself, or get rid and stop moaning". It's that simple really.

    Failing that just read earlier in the thread - this was all talked about ad nauseum at the time of the PC launch.
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