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    I wont mourn the passing of the AH at all, however i think Blizzard have continued to miss the point of how it undermined their game;

    1. that having to grind gold instead of an item currency remoevs the 'oh sweet' loot drop moments.

    2. that without the expected item sink of crafting the market is flooded by ever larger amounts of loot with the best rolls, inflating the market and making actually playing the game to try and find loot over grinding for gold a waste of time.

    If they wanted to retain the AH but make it a useful tool rather than a detracotr they need to at least provide a useful way for items ot be removed from the economy;

    Binding options are usually suggested and they would og someway towards remedying the situation but on their own probably still wouldnt fix griding for gold and with botting driving gold value low make it hard for normal players.

    I think that the only way to retain an AH is to remove gold as a currency and adopt the system of PoE where the currency is items used ot enhance gear or gear itself - however the AH then needs to allow for custom barters.

    I'm hoping but not very hopeful that loot 2.0 includes some of that rather than just a numbers and quantity rejig.
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