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    i haven't dplayed properly for quite a while. i hop onnow and agian for a cursory hour of hack'n'slash to pass the time, mostly on alts.

    I don't find the gold grind satisfying and until the loot changes in whatever way it will i kinda lost interest; primarily because i got my DH60(7) some decent weapons off of the AH that saw me through to Izual in Inferno Act IV. I lost interest though because after a while i knew that i wouldnt get better loot through drops and grinding for gold instead held no appeal.

    I tried playing self-found only but for reasons we all know that was a bit frustraitng too.

    The console version i am enjoying much more - yeah the loot is fundamentally the same when it comes to decisions made about what to go for stat wise (i.e faily shallow and on a very steep curve of increasing stats as you level) but the increase in legendaries and tailored stats, removal of the ah makes finding the loot whilst levelling feel interesting.

    we'll see if the same issues occur at cap on console as on Pc - i expect they will. as aside from higher damaga floors and ceilings nothing very fundamental is different.

    It's a shame as the feel of the combat is unparalelled compared to other ARPGs, it's the systems around the combat that feel disjointed and slightly unsatisfying.

    I hold out hope for the RoS expansion as the LoD expansion fixed a lot of D2s issues and a repeat seems likely i'm just worried the changes won't be deep enough.

    interesting ideas from the 'leaked' datamine though with the return of damage type effects, a use for consuming items and so on... the skill revamp seems very light touch so far though if they only inflate or deflate numbers so far.

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