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    Telepathic.Geometry wrote:
    Well, with all of my magic find gear on, I'm at about 90k DPS, which doesn't really cut it on Master I with a monk. But if I don't worry about the magic find and put on my strictly for killing gear and gems, I do an extra 60% damage more or less, which puts me back in the race...

    I wonder if it's worth the magic find hit to get Master loot. Hmm.
    It depends. Master Levels grant about 10% increased magic find as a base setting (increasing exponentially depending on rank). However, swapping out the magic find gear and switching to higher DPS could mean getting through content faster, resulting in a higher amount of loot found.

    There's probably an equation somewhere on the internet working this all out. Personally, I'd say switch to higher DPS and go to Master Levels. Not least because then you can start farming the keymasters, who on top of dropping the keys (or the plans on ACT IV), grant an additional Legendary drop chance per act. So you can just farm their zone repeatedly for easy Legendary loot.
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