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    I feel the Guardian has the balance right, a few relevant ads on each article (some animated but never with audio) and an optional membership fee with some perks included.

    The ad change on EG recently was the opposite end of the spectrum, almost slowing my (relatively decent) PC to a crawl due to multiple animated adverts and horrible click-bait adverts that make me cringe. Although I'm not a regular lurker here anymore it was bad enough to make me reconsider coming back in future (as previously mentioned I had to block them to restore functionality more than anything else).

    xYOSSARIANx wrote:
    I'm not paying EG a sub. Most of what they publish is just regurgitated press releases. Available anywhere else on the internet. As for pay per page, no chance, EG would rather publish 5 different insignificant stories about the same game rather than 1 containing everything.

    TBH EG has lost most of it's relevance to me these days anyway. Between NeoGaf and Youtube they only reason to come here is the forum.
    Sorry EG but I agree with pretty much all of the above. There are probably a good few people willing to pay an subscription fee but I'd imagine it to be a much higher number if you were still producing content akin to your late 2000s, early 2010s days.

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