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    DFawkes wrote:
    I still don't get the demo. I did in my first battle and get fed up. I even dropped it to easy, changed jobs and whatever else, and still end up getting killed by a cat thing that has an instakill spell. All I can do is repeatedly pop in to the Inn after every battle I maange to scrape through until I level up a bit, but that'd be balls.
    The cats are a bastard early doors no doubt about it. First thing I did in the demo was switch each party members job to benefit the weapons that each of them start with. Meaning their damage was increased and the weapons were ranked as S. When I started hitting the cats I 4 x Braved my strongest party member to attack the cat only first while defaulting everyone else. This basically ensured Mr Magic Cat was dead before the end of the first turn. Then concentrate on murdering the snake things after a another brave or two.

    I don't think the demo is hard per se, nor is it particularly grindy it just expects you to understand the games systems instantly without really explaining any of them. This is essentially fixed in the first few hours of the full game because you start with one party member, with one job and each of the quests in the beginning introduce you to a new system in turn. The curve is much more gradual.
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