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    Dirtbox wrote:
    Stefansen-supremacy wrote:
    SCENE X:

    Kark, Mul and Tamawawa are in the spacecraft and they have decided to bomb the mother ship and to implement their plans but Tamawawa does not know anything
    K=Kark, M=Mul, T=Tamawawa, G=operator on the mother ship

    G=well, straighten the turbine X, Y, W
    K=I'm sorry, but I am forced to do. Mul start the manual control of the front hatch and operate the machine gun
    G=But What are you doing?
    T=Yes What are we doing?

    spunz sbuuum sbuuuum The mother ship explodes

    T=Are you mad? Why?
    K=you can not understand. We ended up in a vicious space-time.It is the fourth time that this happens
    M=no time to explain
    K=Do you trust me? I know it's hard to believe but need an act of faith
    T=But you said that we would have completed the mission together
    K=Yes, but this is now our mission. You're waiting for a being sucked out of a hole. You do not know what's inside. You do not know where the hole will get you once sucked. But I ask you to trust me

    Do you like this?
    Truly unique.
    Never forget this scene - EVER!
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