#10009530, By sharpkiddie The logged in as other people bug is back!! :O

  • sharpkiddie Staff 26 Nov 2013 22:01:13 473 posts
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    Hi all.

    First, I want to apologise for this evenings site problems. It's entirely my fault for not testing some site changes on a large enough test group. We tested some changes on the office for a few days, and there were no reported problems. However, when the changes went live, it seems the much larger volume of testers (you lot) caused very severe issues to manifest.

    The problem was to do with some optimisations made to the caching layer that sits between you and our web servers. Normally, when you are logged in, nothing is cached, and all traffic goes directly to the web servers. I attempted to make the cache a bit more aggressive, in order to lift some of the load on our webservers, as an interim measure until we do some upgrades.

    Unfortunately there was a bug and many of you received pages that were intended for other users.

    I have reverted the changes and have forced everybody to log out as a precaution. I know this is a bit of a nuisance.

    If anybody can see any continued login problems, or can no longer access their account at all, please email me mark@eurogamer.net and I will investigate.

    Once again, sorry for the mess. We do take security very seriously.
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