#635000, By sheepfish When your other half is completely incompatible with your Gaming Hobby...

  • sheepfish 19 Feb 2005 12:06:23 1,168 posts
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    Bollocks to that. I feel no pressure from societal norms to give up my ability to do whatever the fuck I like in order to please another human being.

    I know that sounds selfish but it's not.

    I value my personal freedom above any gains in the quality of my life that having a steady girlfriend would bring.

    That's a view that is historically rediculed as being pathetic, selfish and a waste. But the times are changing. Nowadays, in the circle of friends I hold, the opposite is regarded as being true. Having a steady partner is not an end in itself, as it has been in our culture for millennia.

    I feel it is becoming more and more acceptable in society for being single to be a valid and admirable lifestyle choice. So fuck compromise.
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