#635011, By sheepfish When your other half is completely incompatible with your Gaming Hobby...

  • sheepfish 19 Feb 2005 12:19:45 1,168 posts
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    Not at all. I live with someone else, we're both happy. The only compromise I make is paying 2/3 of the cleaner bill because I make more mess. If there is one sure way of getting on with the people you live with, it's not having to clean the toilet. Try it.

    I do have some self control, not being a chav wanker always helps. I don't play music at 3am loudly, but that's just common decency. If that's what you mean by compromise, fair enough. But what most people mean by compromise is doing things they don't want to do. I don't want to play music at 3am because I'd feel guilty. I do want to play games on my TV in the evening, fuck Eastenders. That's what this thread is about. I just can't see how my lifestyle would be improved by a steady girlfriend.

    It's a choice that is becoming ever more common.

    How can you say compromise is good? By definition compromise is NOT good, it's diluting your good into something that's not so good. Otherwise it wouldn't be a compromise.
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