#10046029, By Rizo I am ok with Microtransactions in full priced games

  • Rizo 13 Dec 2013 16:44:43 878 posts
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    sega wrote:

    I think he's saying that if you only have 5 hours per week then buy games that you can play in the time. If you want to play a game that takes a long time to play through then just buy one and play through it gradually. If you're cheating you're not playing it anyway - you're cheating it. Maybe buy fighters or puzzle games or something you can play through in a sitting?

    I know you're going to respond with "no, I like all these really long games" - fine, but you know you're not actually playing them? You're spending money on them and then cheating. Maybe just watch a Youtube play through in that case?
    How many games have you bought which you have not finished? We all do this just because you don't finish a game does not mean you did not get value for money.

    If I pay 50 for a game another 50 for microtransactions which I play for 20 hours I am ok with that. 10 per hour of entertainment about the same as Cinema?
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