#10046952, By Rizo I am ok with Microtransactions in full priced games

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    sega wrote:
    You also have to think about how much we're spending. Especially with the original poster who has no time to play games but wants to buy many. It might be 50 for the game and an additional 50 on microtransactions but it's probably one game of many.

    So would that be 50 additional for every game you buy? More than 50? How do you keep track of it all? What if you have six or seven games on the go? If it's mandatory, even in a free title, you might be spending 50p here and 1 there every so often without thinking much. Check your bank balance and it could be hundreds of pounds worth on top of what you've already paid.
    Hey Sega I think your kind of putting words into my mouth. First of I do have time to play games usually around 5 to 7 hours a week. I don't think the issue here is how many games people buy.

    With all games your interest usually begins high and then over time as you play the game more and more your interest will fall. With most of us we loose interest in a game before the end. SO with Forza lets say you loose 90% of your interest in the game but you still want to try out a particular car. Is paying a small fee to unlock that car and more importantly customise the game to your exact interest level such a bad thing? Instead of wasting hours trying to get the car normally having to play with cars that have no interest? The hours of time you saved could be spent playing a different game.
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