#633384, By sheepfish Fantasy books are bollocks

  • sheepfish 17 Feb 2005 21:37:35 1,168 posts
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    Yeah, i know. I haven't really got anything against it. I just wonder why people spend their time watching bollocks on TV when there is actualy some good stuff that gets low ratings. Why people play bollocks games when there are some amazing ones about. And whay peope read bollocks books when there are more works of absolute genuis than one person could read in a lifetime.

    Ahh, I hear you say, how do you know if something is good before you watch/play/read it? Well, being called 'Sons of the Socerer: Part 17 - The death of the Lord of the 5th Dark Dimension', might give you a clue that it's not a renowned pillar of literary history.
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