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    BartonFink, I do see what you're getting at. In my opinion, you're talking shit ;-)

    Just because a lot of people like something does not affect whether it is shit or not. I'm talking about quality. Mills and Boone and Coronation Street is low quality, witless, rushed, throwaway pap.

    We're not talking about numbers here, if we were then a majority of people in this country would say that Shakespeare is shit. And if a majority can say this about a genius of the highest rank in human history, then I feel more than comfortable saying that mass market fodder such as Mills and Boone and Coronation Street is shit, regardless of how many people might disagree.

    (edit: Need to simplify that paragraph - If people think what is a work of genius is shit, I am justified thinking what is popular is shit)

    If you see what i mean. Popularity is not (in my mind) a reasonable grounds for judging value and quality.

    There are more games, books, films and good TV in the world than any 1 person can consume in the life they're given. There are so many works of renowned genius, such influences on the context of our lives, why do people ignore them in favour of such bollocks. The title of the thread is simply aimed at the particular brand of bollocks seemingly favoured by this forum.

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